S-520 Advanced Incident Management, Unit 1 –Preparing for Success

“Know yourself and seek improvement”


S-520 Advanced Incident Management exists to provide a pool of highly qualified graduates to serve on National Type 1 Incident Management Teams. This is accomplished through a combination of training, testing, mentoring, and sharing of organizational wisdom with a cadre of professional practitioners.

In accomplishing this, the program will promote national consistency, strategic leadership and continuous improvement in order to advance professional incident management.

Unit1 – Preparing for Success is pre-course work for S-520 Advanced Incident Management.  This unit combined with self-assessment and mentoring is designed to enhance your abilities for success prior to attendance and better prepare you to serve on National Type 1 Incident Management Team. 


  1. Establish a mentor/mentee relationship and develop objectives for that relationship.
  2. On multiple complex incident assignments, obtain Type 1 C&G experience while striving to complete your Position Task Book.
  3. Identify and assess influences on incident management and develop strategies for managing them.
  4. Interpret and analyze incident management documents and incident management resources, consistent with the roles and responsibilities of your assigned position.

Please find below, Unit 1 pre-course work specific to your C&G staff position.

System requirements for Unit 1 include internet access, Microsoft Word, a PDF reader and Google Earth.

Important: Access all links from this website. Do not save the pre-course work to your computer and attempt to access the links.  









Pre-course work is due to NAFRI by January 18, 2013

Updated Reference Material as of January 2, 2013:

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