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National Aerial Firefighting Academy
January 15-18, 2008

Captain Haynes
Captain Al Haynes was the Pilot in Charge of United Flight 232 on July 19, 1989 when the crew notified Minneapolis Center that their number two engine had failed and the DC-10 aircraft was only marginally controllable...

This was the beginning of the story related by Captain Al Haynes to start the 2008 National Aerial Firefighting Academy held at NAFRI, January 15 - 18, 2008. There were 65 participants from 11 western states, and from Florida, Minnesota, Maryland, and Texas. Pilots from the U. S. Air Force, two units of the U. S. Air National Guard, and from as far away as Italy and Brazil were in attendance.

Classroom Simulation

Right: Classroom simulation with visual presentation and multiple audio inputs.

Firefighting pilots work together over a fire to meet the objectives of Incident personnel on the ground. This Academy provides them a means to better understand what the other does, and provides a common terminology for getting the job done. Instead of figuring this all out while circling over a fire while listening to two or three radio frequencies, the participants break into groups and run fire simulations doing the "other pilots" job.

Kenny Chapman
In the end, pilots go out the door with a knowledge of each other’s job and with a better understanding on how to communicate and work together in a common job; Safely put the fire out.

Instructor Kenny Chapman simulates radio input.

The NAFA course was the first NAFRI course of the 2008 season.