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Graphic, VTC Tips

1.  Make a trial connection before the day you are scheduled to present.
2.  Wear a color, white can cause glare.
3.  Provide a nice background - no coffee pots and salad dressing bottles.
4.  Put a DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door before you start.
5.  Drapes or even a blanket draped over a whiteboard helps sound quality.
6.  Few words, large text, and strong contrast improve readability of slides and loading time.
7.  Video clips eat up bandwidth and may not work well, test early.
8.  Look at the camera - it looks like you are looking directly at the audience.
9.  Speak clearly and keep you voice at a relatively even volume.
10.  Avoid quick movements and hand gestures - this can cause blurring.
For more tips or help with your presentation, contact NAFRI AV

Maria U. Anderson  520-799-8771  manderson07@fs.fed.us
Eric Steele 520-799-8772  ericsteele@fs.fed.us
Julie Smith  520-799-8765  jlsmith@fs.fed.us
Brian Hicks  520-799-8773  bahicks@fs.fed.us