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Computer Use Standards


The following are guidelines needed to balance the need for access with appropriate security requirements.

Non-Forest Service Computers

At this time, broadband Internet access is not available for non-Forest Service (FS) computers. As an alternative, we do have a guest DSL wireless service where a maximum of 10 devices can be connected at one time. We also have several FS computers available for limited Internet use in the faculty and participant workrooms. In addition, Non-FS laptops can be used at NAFRI as stand-alone computers.
Printers are not normally provided, so please bring your own mobile printer, if desired. NAFRI laptops are available when required for a course, primarily for non-FS participants. NAFRI laptops will be secured in the auditorium, and not removed during courses. For these laptops, NAFRI staff will load the necessary course software prior to the start of computer-related courses.

Forest Service Computers

Broadband network and Internet access is available for FS computers brought to NAFRI. Please follow the "Procedures for Network Connection” (see below).
For courses requiring network or Internet access, make arrangements to bring a Forest Service laptop. NAFRI has a limited number of laptops available, but these will be provided first to non-FS participants. See the following “Procedures for Network Connection” for additional information.

Procedures for Network Connection of FS Computers

Prior to arrival
1. Ensure your FS laptop has the latest Symantec End Point protection and updated AntiVirus definitions.(Currently at version 11.0.5002.333.) For courses requiring computers, where you may need administrator privileges, you can self promote using the gadgets tool located at the Universal Resource Locator http://gadgets.ds.fs.fed.us
3. For courses requiring special software, follow instructions for that course.
4. Bring a network patch cord. For courses requiring computers, patch cords will be provided.
5. Bring a cable lock if you'd like to leave your laptop at NAFRI overnight.

Upon Arrival
1. Hook up to the network and complete a Symantec update for latest AntiVirus definitions.
2. Run a full scan using Symantec AntiVirus software if you have been using hotel or other external networks to access the Internet since leaving the FS network.

While at NAFRI
1. If you leave the building with your laptop, you will need to run the anti-virus scan again prior to your use of the network, unless either: an individual verifies the laptop has not been used to access the Internet overnight; or a full scan has been completed after such use.
2. Another option is to leave your computer locked up at NAFRI overnight.

Recommendations for Courses Requiring Computers

It is essential that fire management computer course participants possess at least intermediate skills in the Windows 7 operating system environment. These skills are a contributing factor toward success in computer-related courses. Participants should be adept in file management and use of folder structures.