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Course Description - FML Fire Management Leadership

Course Date: March 24 - 27, 2014

Target Group

This course is directed to Forest Service Forest Supervisor/Deputy Forest Supervisor levels, National Park Service and Bureau of Indian Affairs, Superintendent/Deputy Superintendent levels, Bureau of Land Management Field Officer/District Manager levels, and Fish & Wildlife Service Refuge Management Project Leader level.


None, however for those individuals with limited fire experience it is recommended to take a local FML course.


Course Description

The course is a comprehensive look at the Agency Administrator’s leadership role within the Fire Management Program, including the Federal Wildland Fire Management Policy. The complex fire situation is highlighted with the intent to provide a comprehensive understanding of the processes necessary to effectively manage the situation. Included are the Agency Administrator’s briefing, WFDSS Wildland Fire Decision Support System, and other critical items.

Policy, authority, and responsibility will be clarified, discussed, and reinforced using case examples. Opportunities will be highlighted to provide additional tools for the Agency Administrator to more effectively manage the fire program.

The participant will gain an insight into fire’s role in wildland management. Internal and external relations and interagency cooperation opportunities are discussed. Emphasis is placed on an overall understanding of fire management and the Agency Administrator’s role in it.

Student Requirements to Receive Credit for the Course

To receive credit for the course, you must attend the entire course. Those arriving late or leaving early will not receive credit for the course. No testing is required.

Important Dates

Nominations due: November 1, 2013
Selection Date: January 24, 2014

Nomination Process

Please see the NAFRI nomination process available at

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