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Course Description - Rx510 Advanced Fire Effects

January 12 - 16, 2015 (Tentative)

Course Description

Rx510 Advanced Fire Effects is a science-based course designed to support the integration of fire effects knowledge into land management programs. The course emphasizes the importance of considering fire effects in the design, implementation and monitoring of planned fire treatments over multiple spatial and temporal scales. In addition, many of the principles covered can be used to integrate fire effects in support of the wildfire decision-making process. This course recognizes that planning and implementing the use of fire in any capacity are independent activities, and provides opportunities for the burn boss and planner to work together.

The course is an intensive session that provides college-level lectures, case studies, discussion groups, and testing procedures throughout the week. Instructors include agency and university scientists, agency resource specialists, and fire practitioners. Participants have many opportunities to interact with the faculty.

Course Objectives

To successfully complete Rx510, students are required to complete the pre-course work and score at least 70% on the final exam. Attendance for the entire week is also required.

Course Vision

Rx510 will demonstrate the application of science-based fire effects knowledge in planning, implementing, evaluating and communicating the use of wildland fire to meet ecologically based land management objectives.

Target Group

This course supports the knowledge and skills needed for Prescribed Fire Burn Boss, other Single Resource Bosses, Prescribed Fire Manager, and Strategic Operational Planner and other positions that plan and implement complex decisions at multiple scales in fire management.


*Rx510 has a non-NWCG certificate option for individuals that do not meet the prerequisites. A certificate awarded under this option will not apply for credit to support wildland fire qualifications as outlined in PMS 310 -1 and FSH 5109.17. Students taking the course under this option will be required to complete the prework, achieve a 70% or higher through testing and attend the entire week to receive a certificate. Please contact the course coordinator for more information.

Additional Information

Rx510 curriculum contains some similar content as M-580 Fire in Ecosystem Management, Technical Fire Management, and university level fire science programs. If prospective nominees have attended one of these programs there may be some duplication in Rx510.

Rx510 is a national level training course and as such participants can expect long days.

Class size is limited to 84 participants.

Important Dates

November 1, 2013: Nomination Due to NAFRI from Agencies and GACC’s
December 1, 2013: Notification of Selection

Nomination Process

Please see the NAFRI nomination process page on this website.

Course Coordinator: Gary Luce (520) 799-8753; fax (520) 799-8785
Course Location: NAFRI, Tucson, Arizona

Tuition: None

Rx510 is currently offered every year.