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Course Description - S-590 Advanced Fire Behavior Interpretation

March 8 - 17, 2016 (Tentative)

Course Description

S-590 Advanced Fire Behavior Interpretation is an intensive course designed to provide prospective FBANs and LTANs with the groundwork they will need to succeed throughout the training process.  The course focuses on the interpretation of fire behavior products and emphasizes the importance of communicating this information effectively.  Ensuring the operational relevance of fire behavior information and inclusion of operational concerns into forecasts and briefings is highlighted as a key skill to providing useful input for both tactical and strategic decisions as well as being critical to fire fighter safety.  The course focuses on the interpretation of fire behavior outputs and models on a variety of time scales ranging from immediate operational concerns to answering longer term strategic questions.

S-590 is a highly interactive class with full participation required from all students.  Course material is presented through a combination of online material and exercises. The residence portion of the class addresses key topics interspersed with in depth fire scenarios.  During the fire simulations, students will produce products, briefings and documentation under tight time constraints as they would on a fire assignment. 

Course Objectives

Target Group

Individuals to be trained as a Fire Behavior Analyst (FBAN) and or Long Term Fire Analyst (LTAN) in wildland fire management operations. Nominees must identify which position(s) they are targeting on their nomination form.


Pre-Course Test

All nominees will need to successfully complete a pre-course test that requires proficiency in the skills taught in S-490. This is a 4 hour time limited and proctored test. Proficiency in the use of BehavePlus is critical to passing the S590 Pre-Course test.

Mentoring Program

An active mentoring program exists for FBAN and LTAN mentees to gain experience prior to attending S-590.  NAFRI, the S590 Steering Committee, Geographic Area Coordinating Groups, Training Reps and Coordination Centers work together in the priority placement of mentees with qualified FBANs and LTANs. Participation is not mandatory but has proven to assist confidence in the classroom.  After getting support from your supervisor and unit Training Officer, contact your Geographic Area Training Representative to get more information about the mentoring program.  The S590 Course Coordinator may also assist with concerns or issues regarding the mentoring program.    

 For this program to be successful the following actions must occur.

Computer Requirements

All participants attending S-590 will need to provide their own laptop, portable printer and data cable.

Students should be equipped with the hardware (laptop & printer), and software to function as an FBAN and or LTAN and be self-sufficient at the course as if they were in the field. A detailed listing of hardware and software needs will be included in the course selection letter.

Additional Information

Success in S-590 will depend on the student's communication skills, both written and oral. Additional skills could be obtained by completing the following:

S590 is a national level training course and as such participants can expect long days.

Class size is limited to 50 participants.

Important Dates (Tentative)
Nominations Due:              October 30, 2015
Pre-course Test Mailed:     November 9, 2015
Pre-course Test Due:         December 4, 2015
Notification of Selection:     December 14, 2015

Nomination Process
Please see the NAFRI nomination process webpage.

Course Coordinator: Gary Luce phone: (520) 799-8753; fax (520) 799-8785, email: galuce@fs.fed.us

Tuition: None

S590 is currently offered every 2 years.