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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Is tuition charged for NAFRI courses?
Answer: No, but participants are responsible for per diem, lodging, meals, etc.

Question: Are there work out facilities?
Answer: No, there are plenty of running/walking areas. The hotels are close and most offer workout facilities.

Question: Do I need a rental car?
Answer: All the hotels on the airport strip offer shuttle service to and from our facility. Walking from most of the strip takes approximately 20-25 minutes. See area map

Question: Is there enough time for lunch if you are not driving?
Answer: There are approximately 15 fast food and sit down restaurants within walking distance to the Institute. Coffee and tea are available at no cost to the student and soda/juice/water and snack vending machines are available in the Institute foyer. There also is a coffee shop with wireless internet access within walking distance. See area map

Question: Can I check my agency email from the Institute?
Answer: The Institute is a Forest Service facility and because of this we are required to abide by the FS computer policy. We are listening to your requests for broader access and hopefully in the future this will be possible. Please see the Institute's Computer Standards on the NAFRI website at: http://www.nafri.gov/pages/computer_standards.htm