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Snow at NAFRI
January 22, 2007

Photos from previous years:

National Aerial Firefighting Academy, 2012
M-580, Fire in Ecosystem Management, 2012
Rx510, Advanced Fire Effects, 2012
S-520, Advanced Incident Management, 2012
S-590, Advanced Fire Behavior Interpretation, 2012
D-510, Expanded Dispatch, Supervisory Dispatcher, 2012

National Aerial Firefighting Academy, 2011
Rx-310, Introduction to Fire Effects, 2011
S-420, Command and General Staff, 2011
APA/FLA Advanced Workshop, Learning from Unintended Outcomes
Advanced National Fire Danger Rating System, 2011
Rx-510, Advanced Fire Effects, 2011
S-495, Geospatial Fire Analysis Interpretation and Application, 2011