S591 - Advanced National Fire Danger Rating System (ANFDRS)

Course Target Group:

The target audience includes individuals:

  • Responsible for resource analysis, decision support and decision making based on outputs from National Fire Danger Rating System (NFDRS) at the local/state/national level and corresponding positions;
  • Responsible for Intelligence, Predictive Services, and/or Fire Weather Forecasting;
  • FBANs, LTANs and GSANs who desire advanced NFDRS application and use;
  • Responsible for providing technical support and oversight for NFDRS;
  • Who will become geographic area NFDRS instructors;
  • With a passion to become the next generation to carry NFDRS forward.

Course Description:

Advanced NFDRS is the next level of analytical instruction above S491 which focuses on the role of fire danger rating in resource decision making, through development of a fire danger rating operating plan. Participants will be provided the skills to analyze and troubleshoot fire danger rating from the fire weather station scale to multiple fire danger rating areas. The course will provide individuals the technical skills to serve as instructors for geographic area level courses for all wildland fire agencies using NFDRS. Advanced NFDRS is a national level course. As such, participants can expect long days, evening and weekend work. In order to receive credit for course, participants must stay through entire course. Students will need to complete approximately 24 hours of pre-course work.

Course Objectives:

  • Through the development of an operating plan participants will demonstrate skills required to design, setup, and manage NFDRS at the local level. These include:
    • Identifying the fire problem(s).
    • Delineating Fire Danger Rating Areas.
    • Verifying input data used for NFDRS.
    • Applying NFDRS tools to inform and support fire management decisions.
    • Documenting the analysis, decisions, and operational processes.
  • Describe the relationship of NFDRS to other wildland fire  decision support tools.
  • Demonstrate how fire danger rating supports local, state, Geographic Area and National decision-making.
  • Introduce new NFDRS related technology
  • Participants will develop technical knowledge to support Geographic Area NFDRS training and implementation.

Total Hours: 88

Course Prerequisites:

  • Intermediate National Fire Danger Rating System (S-491)
  • Complete pre-course work.
  • Pre-course work will be emailed directly to students


Computer Requirements

Students must bring their Agency laptop to use during the course at NAFRI. If you do not have a laptop available to you, there are in limited supply at NAFRI and are on a first come first serve basis; use of your own agency laptop is strongly suggested.