S620 - Area Command

Course Target Group:

For people responsible for managing complex incidents that will be available to participate on a National Interagency Area Command team as an Area Commander (ACDR), Assistant Area Commander Logistics (ACLC), Assistant Area Commander Planning (ACPC) or Area Command Aviation Coordinator (ACAC).

Course Description:

This course was developed using an experiential and collaborative approach to learning. It is designed to be highly engaging in dialogue, exercises, interactive scenarios and simulations. The course is a comprehensive look at the Area Command Team's role(s) in the management of highly complex and/or multiple incidents, with an objective of understanding the interaction of Area Command and other incident organizations, agencies, and political entities.

Topics include; developing and maintaining interagency relationships, area command tools and planning cycles, functional responsibilities, evaluating organizational effectiveness, transitions,
transfer of command and demobilization. Also emphasized is the need to adapt to complex problem sets, engage in deliberate risk management practices, develop strategic alternatives and
use of decision support tools as well as procedures to identify, manage and prioritize incidents and allocation of critical resources.

Representatives and Subject Matter Experts from the Agency Administrator and State, Regional Operations Staff and Geographic Area Multi-Agency Coordinating Groups will participate fully in
the course to present the full range of coordination efforts necessary in managing incidents at the Area Command complexity level.

Course Objectives:

Given a simulated multi-incident fire situation, students will effectively perform functional and team responsibilities. Individual's performance must meet established criteria for successful completion of the course.

Total Hours: 36

Course Prerequisites:

For ACDR, ACLC and ACPC:  Prerequisites include having successfully completed S-520 Advanced Incident Management, Complex Incident Management Course (CIMC) or All-Hazard Advanced Incident Management (AAIM), and are Qualified as ICT1, LSC1 or PSC1

For ACAC:  Prerequisites include Qualified as AOBD and/or Unit Aviation Officer