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Frequently Asked Questions

Is tuition charged for NAFRI courses?
No, but participants are responsible for per diem, lodging, meals, etc.

Is there wireless internet access at NAFRI?
Yes, please see the Institute's Computer Standards.

Can I check my agency email from the Institute?
US Forest Service Employees may access the FS network to check email. Non FS Personnel can use the NAFRI Guest Network. Please see the Institute's Computer Standards,

Does NAFRI provide shuttle service?
Shuttle service is no longer provided by NAFRI. However, most hotels in the area provide shuttles to and from the airport and NAFRI. 

Do I need a rental car?
Most of the hotels provide shuttle service to and from the airport and also to NAFRI if set up ahead of time. Although NAFRI is within walking distance to most of these hotels, it is located in a commercial area with restaurants, offices, warehouses and large empty lots. It is recommended that you stay at a hotel that provides a shuttle to and from the airport and NAFRI, rent a car or walk in groups. Contact hotels directly to inquire about their shuttle service. 

Is there enough time for lunch if you are not driving?
There are approximately 10 fast food and sit down restaurants within walking distance to the Institute. Soda/juice/water/snack vending machines and coffee are NOT PROVIDED at NAFRI.