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Training Support Department Resources


The Training Support Department (TSD) design team will gladly help with your PowerPoint presentations for NAFRI courses. We can provide PowerPoint templates and backgrounds, illustrations, technical drawings, charts and graphs, as well as animations. We do photo retouching, cropping, photo collage and montage, picture, and document scanning (up to 8 1/2 x 11"). We can create and print (in color or in black and white) handouts, maps, technical illustrations, and covers. Large format color printing is also available.



Video duplication, digital video editing, and screen captures are also services available (with some limitations).


Digital Duplications

We can provide USB duplication services. Please contact the TSD staff for instructions, availability, and time constraints.


Auditorium Assistance

The TSD staff will demonstrate the auditorium equipment available at your request. We are also available to operate the auditorium equipment for you during your presentation as needed.