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Logistics and General Information

The National Advanced Fire & Resource Institute (NAFRI) is located in Tucson, AZ about 2 miles from the Tucson International Airport.


There are several quality hotels in the Tucson Airport/NAFRI area. Although NAFRI is within walking distance to most of these hotels, it is located in a commercial area with restaurants, offices, warehouses and large empty lots. It is recommended that you stay at a hotel that provides a shuttle to and from the airport and NAFRI, rent a car or walk in groups. Contact hotels directly to inquire about their shuttle service.  

GSA has four different per diem lodging rates for Tucson, depending on the time of year. Please check the GSA Per Diem Rate Look Up for current information. 

In addition, the Federal Travel Regulation does allow for the use of the conference lodging allowance, which allows travelers to spend up to 25 percent more for lodging than the established lodging per diem rate for a location. The other option is for agencies to authorize actual expenses for travelers, which allow travelers to spend up to 300 percent above the established per diem rate for a location.


NAFRI's facility is wheelchair accessible and we can accommodate various mobility, visual, hearing, and technological accessibility needs. We strive to ensure all our printed, online and other electronic materials are 508 compliant.  Please contact the course coordinator if you have accessibility needs or would like additional information.

NAFRI Area Map