Prescribed Fire Training Center
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The National Interagency Prescribed Fire Training Center's (NIPFTC) 20-Day Mixed Module Session is a program designed to give indivdiuals an opportunity to increase their prescribed fire practitioner skills and gain confidence in their own ability to conduct prescribed fires and assume leadership roles in their home unit's fire program.

During the 20-day session, participants will experience 10-12 days of hands-on burning in complex situations such as wildland urban interface and various fuel types, and will work with several different agenciues/organizations with unique management objectives. Participants will gain up-to-date knowledge on prescribed fire safety, prescribed fire planning, smoke screening tools, monitoring, and current fire policy. They will aslo learn how prescribed fire practitioners have developed successful programs and public support.

The variety of field experience, along with the different prescriptions, planning procedures, and techniques of the various agencies/organizations, offers an accelerated learning program that will mincrease the home unit's capacity in fire management leadership. Student progress will be evident through documenting training assignments and completion of NWCG position task books.

Additionally, NIPFTC encourages attendance from non-fire personnel looking to expand their understanding and experiences in fire.

Session Objectives

  • Gain practical leadership experience as RXB2, FIRB, ENGB, FEMO, FFT1 among other NWCG position task books.
  • Enahnce strengths and improve upon weaknesses.
  • Improve self confidence.
  • Interact one-on-one with experienced prescribed fire practitioners from across the country to gain a better understanding of fire regimes, condition classes, firing techniques, smoke management, and fire effects.
  • Gain an understanding of prescribed fire as an essential tool in land management while implementing keey elements of a successful fuels program in wildland and urban landscapes.
  • Enhance prescribed fire knowledge and skills through practical experiential learning for a myriad of ecological objectives. Demonstrate the ability to perform as a trainee safely and effectively, in prescribed fire related positions on multiple burn assignments that are designated to help facilitate the completion of NWCG position task books.
  • Perform in leadership roles that will benefit home unit's fire program.
  • Plan and implement prescribed burns for various agencies including federal, state, local, tribal and non-governmental organizations, that may have different methodologies, objectives, and operational capabilities.
  • Experience fire monitoring elemnets through hands-on napplication to assess effectiveness of fire treatments in meeting objectives.
  • Share experiences and backgrounds with other participants from different agencies/organizations, geographical areas, and countries to build a network of contacts.

Dates and Schedule

  • January Session: January 8th-27th, 2023
  • February Session: February 5th-24th, 2023
  • March Session: March 12th-31st, 2023
  • April Session: April 9th-28th, 2023

The schedule consists of an oreination with presentations covering safety in the Southeast, ignition techniques, fire research, and lessons learned, followed by field trips covering fire planning and implementation, fuels, research and ecology, and wildlife and fire. Burning will occur at at cooperator sites located within the Southeast. Federal, stste, and private cooperators may be visited during this timeframe. On the last day, participants will closeout with NIPFTC cadre.

The session includes interaction with active federal and state prescribed fire programs. The selected session start/end point will be Tallahassee, Florida. During the session participants and cadre will move within the geographic region to take advantage of burning windows and programs. This will necessitate changing lodging multiple times during the session.

Cost and Requirements

There is no tuition. All costs for travel, per diem, salary, and overtime will be the responsibility of the sending unit. NIPFTC will provide transportation during the session.

All participants must have watched the video "Using Your Fire Shelter" (NFES-1568). Participants must also arrive with appropriate PPE.

How to Apply

The application deadline for the 2023 sessions is October 15.2022.

Applications go through the Wildland Fire Learning Portal. Click on the following: Participant Application and it will direct you.

If you have an account, login and you will be directed to the "Enrollment Options" screen. Click on "Enrooll Me" and you will automatically be directed to the application.

If you don't have an account, follow the directions above for creating one on the Wildland Fire Learning Portal site. Once you receive notification that you have an account, come back to this page and follow the above directions.


For Addational Information Contact

Greg Seamon, Fire Training Specialist Email: 850.614.4585 ext. 1020 (office) 

Carolyn Detwiler – NIPFTC Administrative Specialist Email: 850.614.4585 ext. 1030 (office)