Field Coordinator & Instructor Opportunity

Field Coordinator Detail Opportunity

There is a need for detailers to work with the Center for up to a 25-day period. The detailer will serve as Field Coordinator handling coordination between the attendees, PFTC, and the various agencies that will host the prescribed burns. The Field Coordinators will be with a group of six to seven  individuals day and night for their stay. Field Coordinators must demonstrate strong leadership skills, enthusiasm for teaching and must be able to answer questions on technical aspects of prescribed burning. Due to these circumstances, prescribed fire experience is required, and a current qualification as a RXB2 (with current experience in that role). Both administrative and fieldwork will be required.

Field Coordinator applicants must validate RXB2 experience on their Master Record with burns completed outside of PFTC sessions.

Applications from disciplines other than fire management are strongly encouraged. All Field Coordinators will be on Per Diem during their detail, and must be self-sufficient with a government travel card, personal credit card, or cash.

Field Coordinator Announcement

New & Returning FY2019 & 2020 Field Coordinator Application