Prescribed Fire Training Center
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Mark Ploski

Operations Specialist – USFS, Prescribed Fire Training Center
US Forest Service, PFTC
13093 Henry Beadel Drive Tallahassee, FL 32312

850-614-4585 ext. 1010 (work)
850-879-0914 (cell)

Mav started his career with the Forest Service Extension Office through West Virginia University from 1991-1993 on Gypsy Moth Projects on the George Washington National Forest. In 1997 he started as Biological Science Technician for the USFWS at Carolina Sandhills National Wildlife Refuge working with Red-cockaded woodpeckers and wood duck banding. He moved to Mississippi Sandhill Crane National Wildlife Refuge as Forestry Tech/Heavy Equipment Operator in prescribed fire and wildfire suppression. He also assisted with wetland restoration projects. He was a member of Asheville Interagency Hotshot Crew before moving to Florida where he worked at Pelican Island and Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuges. 

In 2005-2012, Mav went back to the USFS at Ocala National Forest as equipment operator for prescribed fire and suppression. He participated in Fire Planning Analysis and NEPA projects. The Forest treated 60,000 acres with fire in several different habitats: prairies, longleaf pine and wiregrass ecosystems, flatwoods, site preps. and the largest sandpine ecosystem in the world. From there Mav became AFMO at the Catahoula RD on the Kisatchie NF, which burned 100,000 acres annually before moving to the Francis Marion NF treating 30,000 acres annually with prescribed fire.

In 2018, Mav accepted the Prescribed Fire Operations Specialist position at PFTC. Mav is currently qualified as an RXB2, ENGB, CRWB, HEMG, ICT3, and DIVS. He serves on the cadre for Agency Administrator Workshop and on the Southern Area Incident Management Type 1 Team.

Current Quals: RXB2, CRWB, ENGB, HEMG, ICT3, TFLD, DIVS, PLDO, FIRB, Agency Administrator Cadre, Southern Area Type I Incident Management Team. He has a B.S. Wildlife and Fisheries Management from West Virginia University.