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Selection Process for NAFRI courses

In most cases, each Geographic Area (GA) is allocated the same number of student seats per course at NAFRI.  For questions regarding a particular course please contact the Training Coordinator or Training Specialist.

Once the nomination deadline passes, if the number of nominations received doesn’t exceed the maximum number of students allowed for a course, and all prerequisites are met, all nominees will be selected for a course. 

When the number of nominations received exceeds the maximum number of students permitted, NAFRI will contact the course steering committees or Geographic Area Training Representatives and request that all nominations from each GA are prioritized. To fill a course, an equal number of selections from each GA will be made according to the priority lists. 

If a GA doesn’t submit enough nominations to fill their seat allocation the extra seats will be equally distributed back the remaining GA’s that exceed the allocation.  If seats cannot be equally distributed, seats will be distributed to GA’s by student pre-course test score (if applicable).  If the course doesn’t have a pre-course test then GA’s that have identified needs through an IFPM and ICS analysis will be allocated additional slots.  Equal consideration will be given to each GA.       

See below for an example of course selection process where a pre course test is a prerequisite.    

Maximum course size:  44 students. 

Passing exams by GA:

  • SA - 0
  • WO - 1
  • EA - 3
  • AK - 4
  • NW - 5
  • RM - 5
  • SW - 7
  • NR - 9
  • GB - 8
  • CA - 16

Allow 4 each for AK, NW, RM, SW, NR, GB, CA = 28

Allow All for WO, EA = 4

Total = 32, which leaves 12 seats.

Allocate 1 each for GACCS submitting more than 4 passing nominees: SW, NR, GB, CA, NW, RM = 38 total

That leaves 6 seats to be filled by highest score from those nominees remaining after GATR prioritization.