Welcome to the National Interagency UAS Training Program


The National Interagency UAS Training Program is focused on serving the UAS community under the concept of one program – one vision – one standard.  The program emphasizes a training experience committed to training for success, speed to competency, learning in action, and maintaining current curriculum and content for interagency participants in wildland fire and natural resource programs alike.  Through professional training development and delivery stewardship, the UAS training program is anchored in a strong culture of standards, performance, and experiential learning!


The National Interagency UAS Training Program is a collaboration to lead the UAS agenda in continued partnership with the UAS program leadership of the USFS, BIA, BLM, FWS, and NPS.  The UAS training program works closely with the Interagency UAS Fire subcommittee (IFUAS), GATR community, NAFRI, PFTC, national interagency training representatives, Office of Aviation Services (OAS), the National Wildfire Coordination Group (NWCG), and assigned committees and subcommittees.


Aerial Ignition UAS
UAS Aerial Ignition Academy

What is the academy? The UAS Aerial Ignition Academy is a unique program to provide maximum on the job experience with unmanned systems and advanced curriculum of both classroom instruction and foundational topics for UAS aerial ignition...

UAS flying at night with fire in the background
Visual Media

Aircraft Separation and Coordination Watch Video Airspace Coordination   Watch Video UAS Typing and Configurations Watch Video AZ PNF Day 2   Watch Video AZPNF Day 2 UAS IR   Watch Video Red Salmon DIVS A 0930...

Group of UAS Pilots
UAS Training Program 2022/2023 Schedule

  UAS Flight School for Incident Operations: Two-week flight school which incorporates A-450 Basic Remote Pilot and S-373 UAS Incident Operations.Pilot candidates will learn to operate aircraft, capture imagery with agency approved UAS,...

UAS Flight over fire at night
Program Vision and Mission

Vision: Service oriented UAS training excellence founded on standards, performance, and experiential learning.     Mission: Learning in action through a professional training framework committed to standards, training for success, and...

Pilot Flying UAS
Strategic Plan

Professionalize – Stabilize – Standardize     Strategic Goal:  The UAS Training Program over the next five years, through investments in process and people, will work to close the gap between capacity and demand while solving for many...

UAS Pilots around UAS Monitor Screen

The Interagency Fire UAS (IFUAS) subcommittee manages the incident-based direction for UAS applications. IFUAS representation includes BIA, BLM, FWS,NPS, USFS, OAS, FAA, International Association of Fire Chiefs, National Association of...