UAS Training Cycle Diagram

The Interagency Fire UAS (IFUAS) subcommittee manages the incident-based

direction for UAS applications. IFUAS representation includes BIA, BLM, FWS, 
NPS, USFS, OAS, FAA, International Association of Fire Chiefs, National Association 
 of Foresters, and local government.

Recently, a Qualifications and Curriculum Board (QCB) was recommended and 
voted on under IFUAS to manage the standards, qualifications, curriculum, content, 
and course development in conjunction with NWCG.  Each qualification and 
functionality on the UAS training ladder under QCB is represented by interagency 
steering committees, which includes: A450/S373 Bridge Group, UAS Pilot (UASP), 
UAS Manager (UASM), UAS Leader (UASL), UAS Data Specialist (UASD), Aerial Ignition, 
and Mapping.