Program Vision and Mission

UAS Flight over fire at night


Service oriented UAS training excellence founded on standards, performance, and experiential learning.


Learning in action through a professional training framework committed to standards, training for success, and speed to competency by providing superior experiential learning opportunities to serve the natural resource and wildland fire UAS missions.

Program level outcomes include:

  • Establish and provide a professional pathway for an Interagency UAS Pilot Corps
  • Lead a culture in safety of flight, maneuvering, and manipulation of UAS in the airspace
  • Lead the standard in coordinated, communicated, and mission-oriented planning
  • Demonstrate standard in data management from capture to delivery
  • Create a strategy for managing a healthy UAS Program
  • Foster engaged, informed, and critical dialogue related to UAS training and performance

Culture and Values

  • The culture of the UAS Training Program reflects the actions, attitudes, and behaviors of its community. The program is committed to lead the culture through service and teamwork by anchoring into the following values:
    • Service oriented – Customer service approach providing UAS training for agencies and programs with a UAS mission.
    • Mission focus – Remain focused on the priorities of the program. Training for success, speed to competency, experiential learning, and leading the standard.
    • Resilient – Adaptive – Relevant.
    • Professional – Expect the greatest effort and best attitude out of the program and pilot corps.
    • Respect – Respect the roles and positions of all. Listen to serve.
    • Integrity - Always represent the community and program by doing what is right.