Video Tele-Conferencing (VTC)

As part of a Forest Service purchase, NAFRI now has a state of the art Video Tele-Conferencing (VTC) system for your use.  This system was recently certified by AT&T to connect to other AT&T Certified Non-Forest Service VTC systems. It has been used for several course seasons to conduct a type of Distance Learning called Video Tele-Training (VTT). The system has been integrated into our Audio Visual control system for the "Sonoran" auditorium. We have two 16X HD cameras plus added a third 16X HD camera and a 52” LCD Monitor. These gives us the ability to select which of the three cameras video image we will broadcast to other VTC site(s). We can simultaneously view video from the others site(s) while being able to project a visual on the large auditorium screen that is also being broadcast to the other VTC site(s). In addition NAFRI has a portable VTC system for use in the classrooms or conference rooms.


  1. Any VTC system is comprised of Two-Way-Video and Two-Way-Audio.
  2. Multiple VTC participant sites can be presented at the same time or the system can switch automatically to which ever site is talking.
  3. We can connect to multiple VTC users. (More than four sites must be coordinated through the VTC Service Desk (VTC Service Desk contact information is listed below))
  4. This VTC system can connect to other Non-Forest Service VTC systems providing they are certified by AT&T.  These connections must be coordinated through the VTC Service Desk.  (VTC Service Desk contact information is listed below)
  5. A Laptop computer can be connected to the system to present PowerPoint slides or short video clips to the VTC participants.  
  6. A telephone conferencing system can be used in conjunction with this VTC system.
  7. The NAFRI VTC system can be utilized in anyone of its rooms.
  8. The VTC can be used in the NAFRI Sonoran Auditorium and the VTC screen can be projected onto the auditorium large projection screen.

Distance Education/Learning

This VTC system can be used in a Video Tele-Training (VTT) mode where the instructor and students are at separate geographical locations.  This has the obvious advantage of saving travel time and cost of either the instructor or the students.  If you are interested in learning more about using this VTC system for VTT please contact a NAFRI Course Coordinator or a member of the NAFRI Audio Visual staff.

VTC Service Desk Contact information:

(503) 808-2152.

Schedule a VTC Session with NAFRI

If you are an instructor and wish to use the NAFRI VTC system in a VTT mode, please contact the Course Coordinator and ask them to contact the NAFRI AV Department for scheduling.

Future Improvements

The Forest Service plans on adding the capability to use the VTC system itself to make a telephone conference connection. Plans are being developed to fully integrate this VTC system in the Video and Audio Systems here are NAFRI.


  1. Make a trial connection before the day you are scheduled to present.
  2. Wear a color, white can cause glare.
  3. Provide a nice background - no coffee pots and salad dressing bottles.
  4. Put a DO NOT DISTURB sign on the door before you start.
  5. Drapes or even a blanket draped over a whiteboard helps sound quality.
  6. Few words, large text, and strong contrast improve readability.
  7. Video clips eat up bandwidth and may not work well, test early.
  8. Look at the camera - it looks like you are looking directly at the audience.
  9. Speak clearly and keep you voice at a relatively even volume.
  10. Avoid quick movements and hand gestures - this can cause blurring.

For more tips or help with your presentation, contact NAFRI AV staff: