Staff and Instructor Applications

All applications can be found on the Wildland Fire Learning Portal. Please create an account if you don’t yet have one and then search for Wildland Firefighter Apprenticeship Program Staff or Instructor Application based upon your interest. We look forward to seeing your application.

WFAP Program Staff

  • Matt Ziegler, Acting Program Manager & Training Coordinator
  • Emily Webb, Training Specialist
  • Sheila Valentine, Program Support Specialist
  • Bridget Moore, Administrative Support Assistant

To contact academy staff email them at

WFAP Governing Committees

The Wildland Firefighter Apprenticeship Program (WFAP) is governed by the National Interagency Joint Apprenticeship Committee, its subcommittees, and the Department of Labor.

Orgnizational chart for the committees governing the apprenticeship.

U.S. DOL: oversees the Apprenticeship Program, certifies the Standards, and issues Certificates of Completion.

NIJAC: is an interagency committee and is responsible for deciding issues of program design and administration which are national and interagency in scope, including the policies governing the operation of the interagency academies. The NIJAC is comprised of representatives from Management and Labor.

AJAC: Each participating agency may establish and maintain an agency specific Joint Apprenticeship Committee. AJAC's are agency specific committees, with equal representation from management and labor, to address issues related to the implementation of the Apprenticeship program. AJAC input will be funneled through the respective agency representative(s) to the NIJAC, and NIJAC decisions will be communicated to the AJAC's.

Operations Subcommittee: is an interagency committee that is charged with reviewing and determining WFAP curriculum annually to ensure it meet the needs of the apprentices, the home unit, and the agency workforce as a whole. They are also tasked with updating the Management Guide annually.

WFAP participating Agency logos

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