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Training Support Department Equipment


  • Countdown Timer- To assist speakers with timing their presentations.
  • Hearing Assistance Device - Portable, convenient, assistance for the hearing impaired.
  • Portable Speaker - Powered or battery powered amplifier for use with laptops or microphone.
  • Document Camera- Present documents, forms, photos, maps, and three dimensional objects, such as radios, up on the projection screen. Fill in a form or write notes as the audience watches or participates.
  • VTC - Video Tele-Conferencing equipment is available for two-way video and audio communications.
  • Auditorium Lectern - For centralized control of presentations from the auditorium stage area through a touch panel.
  • Classroom Lectern - Portable presentation platform.
  • Classroom Touch Panel - Wall mounted control panel for screens, projection, sound, and media options.
  • Portable Pull - up Screens - Lightweight, self-storing screens for any meeting area. Use with available portable projectors.
  • Large Format Plotter - For printing of oversize, full-color maps, charts and other presentation materials by Training Support Department (TSD) personnel.
  • Audio/Video Recording  - Available in the Sonoran upon Request
  • Audio/Video Broadcasting - Available in the Sonoran upon 24 hour request through programs like Zoom and Adobe Connect. 


TSD will be happy to provide the orientation and training needed to operate these new high-tech, but easy to operate touch screen devices. With just a few minutes of hands-on practice, you will appreciate the convenience of being able to adjust the environment to suit your presentation requirements and control the audio and video system from one location.

For smaller groups, TSD will set up the compact, lightweight screens and portable projectors for conference rooms and classrooms.


Also Available:

  • PowerPoint Remotes
  • PC Speakers
  • Portable Sound Systems
  • Document Cameras
  • DVD Players
  • Conference Phones
  • Video Equipment and Cameras
  • Extra Tables, White Boards, and Easel Pads​