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Photo of a man in a hard hat.


U.S. Forest Service

Boise, ID 83705


Office: (208) 271-6924

Phil has over 20 years of experience in Natural Resources and Fire/Fuels Management. Originally from the midwest, Phil has worked on Wildland Fire Modules, Engines, and Fuels Crews with the The Nature Conservancy (TNC), National Park Service (NPS), and US Forest Service (USFS) in the east, midwest, southwest, and west.

After finishing graduate school at Colorado State University, Phil spent several years in the Black Hills at Wind Cave National Park as a Fuels and Fire Ecology Monitoring Crew Lead. Since 2014, Phil has worked on the Payette National Forest in Idaho as a Fuels Technician, Fuels AFMO, and a Zone Fuels Specialist. During this time on the zone Phil has contributed to NEPA projects with over 90,000 acres of broadcast burning and accomplished 5,000 acres of thinning and 10,000 acres of prescribed fire annually.