Turning Point Audience Response System

The Turning Point Audience Response System works within PowerPoint and allows learners to participate by submitting their responses to your questions using a ResponseCard™ keypad.

Using the Turning Point Audience Response System makes your PowerPoint presentations powerful data collection and assessment tools that collect real-time audience responses. Easily create interactivity, ice breakers, games, quizzes, evaluations, checks on learning, surveys, and more.  Reports can be generated to display demographics and response results.

The Turning Point Audience Response System is available for instructor use. You may create your own interactive response slides or NAFRI AV staff can help you, create slides for you, or help you develop interactivity for your presentation.

If you wish to create slides yourself, you may use any of the NAFRI computers. The Turning Point software is installed on all NAFRI computers. You may download the Turning Point 5 polling software yourself from www.turningtechnologies.com. Forest Service folks will need admin rights to install the software. However, you do not need a license, we carry that with our response cards.

For more information or training contact Training Support Department staff or your course coordinator.